The Advent Of Spander

Every Yule the lovely peeps of the Excessant list write seasonal Spike/Xander stories to share, and this year is no different. There are some fab offerings to be found right here:

The Advent Of Spander

My own piece, should you prefer to visit my site for a quick rummage, is here:

Nineteenth-Century Man

Non-warning: no-one, Welsh or otherwise, suffers a pointless and untimely death. TYK ;o)



Remember Attrition?

No? Okay. Ignore this!

Remember Attrition, and thinking that the ending worked for you?

Yes? Okay. Ignore this!

There was, many moons ago, an alternate ending written for Attrition - my version rather than the one requested by the friend it was a gift for. I probably wouldn't have bothered writing Version Two but luckily kingbantam had the same misgivings about the original ending and, with some very welcome encouragement, the Director's Cut Epilogue was born.

Huge thank you to kingbantam *hugs*

It's taken me this long to decide whether to add it to the site, but eventually my OCD insisted that the story be 'complete'.

If you fancy a read, I'm linking to the story index as I think that shows best what parts the new bit replaces. (The original parts haven't been removed btw, in case you were starting to think I'd gone totally mad!)


Hope you like Version Two if Version One didn't quite hit the spot :o)